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Rexhep  Gjyliqi

University Clinic Center of Kosova, Clinic for Anestesia & Reanimacion, 

Prishtina, Kosova 1



Introduction: Patients safety is a new discipline of health care that means reporting, analysis, and prevention of medical mistake that often leads to adverse health care events.  Patient safety is a serious global public health.

Methods: This study was performed in September and October 2013 at the University Clinical Centre of Kosovo. Questionnaire is formed and distributed to 105 health workers in some surgical departments and anesthesiology department . The questionnaire was anonymous and self administered by respondents.

Results: In study are included a total of 105 respondents of whom 43 or 41% were specialist doctors, specialized doctors 24 or 22.9% and 36.2% or 38 nurses. From them were 43.8% female and 56.2% male. Most respondents had 30-39 years age group and 45.7%, following the 40-49 years age group with 33.3%, 50-59 years age group with 10.5%, 20-29 years age group with 8.6% and at least 1.9% people belonging to the age group 60-69 years. According to Patient Safety respondents also fade due to irregular supply and insufficient medicines and other medical material, an inter poor cooperation, a not good management , insufficient education and training of medical staff.

Conclusion: The developed Survey pointed out that in our health institutions, in a consciously way or not, less importance is given to patient safety, little attention is paid, lacking courage to discus over professional mistakes and taking steps to change.


Key words: patient safety, care, survey, specialists, nurses